Brand Your own Online Auctions: See the difference in sales

Selling items on eBay is much more difficult than one would think.

It is not commonly known that most of the items sold on eBay are sold by Professional Sellers – not the individual trying to unload a few items.

Online sellers are required to invest many hours to conduct a successful eBay Auction. The seller must set up an account, purchase auction software, inventory the cards, list the cards, grade the cards, scan the cards, arrange payment options, pay commissions to eBay, collect the funds, package and mail the cards out to different places. Even then it is necessary to deal with returns and refunds for the hard to please customers. Selling on eBay is a lot of work!


When the work of selling items online is finally completed, the seller seldom makes as much money as he or she would have made if they sold the collection directly to us. The auction process on eBay for the first time (even with a small collection) could literally take months of a person’s time to complete. A large collection could easily take years to liquidate.


The benefits of listing your items with is you will be able to sell items that frequently do not sell on ebay. Try selling 5.00 and under cards on ebay 1. They don’t sell much and 2. If they do sell by the time you pay them for listing it and charging you a percentage of shipping you made no money. You will have the ability to quickly and easily list 100’s of items. Creating your own email marketing lists and branding your own business. You will no longer be badgerered by all of ebay rules. Make your own rules and your own terms and conditions. Run your business the way you want to.


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